Jess-O-Lantern is a spooky songstress, haunting you with her acoustic-horror-punk-cabaret tunes.  She joins us this year with two performances on Saturday to haunt up your Wicked Faire!

Frenchy and the Punk

Multi-cultural genre-bending NY-based Duo Frenchy and the Punk is a “unique two-person folk punk cabaret powerhouse.” Their show is a carnival of two that will take you from the Moulin Rouge to CBGBs and back again. Imagine Siouxsie Sioux and Dee Dee Ramone had a duo that was inspired by Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, Toulouse Lautrec and Deepak Chopra, this is what it might sound like. A rollicking flapper folk punk steampunk cabaret with Taiko meets Rio de Janeiro pounding drum instrumentals. The duo is made up of bilingual French-born dancer/artist turned singer and percussionist Samantha Stephenson and guitarist Scott Helland who was a founding member of the legendary hardcore punk band Deep Wound with Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis. Touring across the US and Europe since 2005, this fiery duo bring their danceable, creative, eclectic foot stomper of a show to Wicked Faire 2018.

Three Pints Shy Song & Improv

THREE PINTS SHY was founded in 2003 and since then has evolved into a raucous pub band, updating and reinvigorating the Celtic music scene that is much beloved all around the world. Stemming from the traditions of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers, THREE PINTS SHY first appeared on stage at the New York Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, NY.

Preferring the enjoyment of both music and drinking, the group is heavily influenced by Irish drinking songs. THREE PINTS SHY performs with a high-energy style, creating an appeal to a younger, more fanatical audience whose reaction grows stronger with every song. But they are not beyond the touching ballads of the Emerald Isle, enamoring fans with their gentle harmonies.

Their first CD, “Waking the Dead,” is made to capture their live performance vigor. Each song is a dynamic and fun affair, performed as if tailor made for the pubs of Dublin. “Waking the Dead” is now in its 5th printing.

“Another Long Dangerous Year” their second offering, brings the band’s manic pace and frenetic style to the forefront. It also debuts their original Irish songs.

Their most recent release, “The Burlap Album,” sold its entire print run the weekend it debuted. The band’s penchant for high energy and tight vocal harmonies continue to shine in both the traditional and original songs included on this recording.

THREE PINTS SHY is David Anthony, songwriter, penny whistle player and vocalist; Jonathan Siregar, songwriter, percussionist and vocalist; Robbie Taylor, guitarist and vocalist and David Mikofsky, guitarist and vocalist. Each of the members of THREE PINTS SHY has come from a professional performing background, and are trained in different facets of the performance arts. In addition to being trained musicians, they are also skilled improvisational artists, with a casual rapport that is infectious to the audiences they have entertained throughout the years.

THREE PINTS SHY is, arguably, the greatest non-Irish, Irish band the world has ever seen.


A Halo Called Fred

haloA Halo Called Fred provides the best geek rock ever played on guitar, bass, fiddle, and kitchenware. Their songs feature such topics as Pirates, Steampunks, Cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. Halo has performed with King Missile, been produced by a member of Ween, and featured on The Doctor Demento Show. Serving as the house band of Jeff Mach events, they have debuted songs such as “Drinking for Science’, “Cthulhu’s Head is a Great Big Squid” for the Celebrity Roast of Cthulhu, and “My Monocle” in honor of the SMBC single use monocle.

​Regular appearance

A Halo Called Fred, the clown monarchs of psychedelic steampunk geek-rock are proud usher in the re-birth of Wicked Faire with the geekiest sounds to ever spring from guitar, bass, fiddle, and tupperware.

Acoustic Sing-along

Grab your favorite tupperware, get your foot-tappin’ shoes on, and get ready to to sing along with A Halo Called Fred! The Halo will strip down to their barest acoustic selves to pump geek-love directly into your soul for this up close and personal set.

Halo After Dark

When the Faire is dying down for the night, join A Halo Called Fred in an extra EVIL late night party, featuring all their raunchiest material, too foul-mouthed for early evening sober ears. Special appearances by The Coveilance Dance Project, Kit Fox, and The Eternal Frontier in the only Wicked Faire performance!


Dark Side of Opera by Nicole Oliva

nicoleCome and take a listen to the Dark Side of Opera with Nicole Oliva! A multi-talented Soprano, Nicole has performed all throughout the Tri-State Area. If you’re a fan of steampunk, gothic fashion, horror flicks, history, classical music, or rock and heavy metal this concert is for you! This strange mix of genres puts together one amazing and macabre concert that is called the Dark Side of Opera by Nicole Oliva.

As a classically trained opera singer, Nicole always had a love for things gothic and macabre and always felt opera gave that strange and creepy appeal in many cases. This concert goes through the progression of traditional and modern classical music, to broadway showtunes, and symphonic rock and metal. Always performing throughout the convention scene, Nicole brings her elegant level of gothicness to the stage in this wonderful concert!

Nicole Oliva, Soprano to the Stars, is a multi talented soprano who has worked on many plays, musicals, operas, including Absinthe Heroes: A Steampunk Rock Opera (Chastity), and the European tour of THEM: The Story of Sweet Hollow Cemetery (Mary).  Most recently Nicole has been touring her own concerts such as The Dark Side of Opera, Disney Cabaret, and History of 19th Century Opera.