Sharp Pleasures

Sharp Pleasures

The idea of incorporating sharp pointy things into scenes sounds both intriguing and intimidating. Dr. Mr. the Maestro and his lovely assistant Ms. Sarah Bellum will present a lecture and demonstration of how to safely and sanely use knives and other sharp objects as part of adult play.

Topics covered will include choosing your toys, safety, negotiation, techniques, and managing the mental and emotional aspects of the scene. No photography permitted.

The Misbehavin’ Maidens

The Misbehavin’ Maidens

Misbehavin’ Maidens is an all female nerd-folk comedy band with a focus on bringing pretty harmonies to the dirtiest of songs.

The group currently consists of four members. While all of the ladies come from a “pirate” background, they like to embrace a wide range of subcultures, often singing songs with references to anime, video games, science fiction, and fantasy, in addition to their repertoire of folk tunes and shanties about sex and drinking.

The group performs exclusively for adult audiences, as their main goal is to entertain those who are young at heart, but who have their minds in the gutter.

Why Maidens Misbehave

Well behaved women rarely make history, and The Misbehavin’ Maidens continue that tradition by singing music about sex positivity and women’s rights to change the narrative involving adult folk and folk music. They sing on a variety of topics, with education and feminism being key points; right alongside sex, violence, and Sci-Fi. This panel will be focusing on why they do what they do, and why it’s important for women to get up on stage and sing about orgasms, Dr Who, and murder. This panel will also feature a Q and A. 18+ recommended due to adult topics and language

Drinking: The Cause of and Solution to Con Horror and Humor

Cattle prods, barrel rolls, and too tight spandex. When you’ve been going to conventions as long as the Maidens, there’s bound to be some good stories involved. Grab a drink, and play a drinking game with the Maidens while they talk candidly about some of their best and worst convention experiences, both individually, and as a group. 21+ to drink/play. 18+ recommended to attend due to adult topics and language.

The Past and Present of Pleasure and Play – Saber Tompson

What was the first vibrator made of? What are the origins of the Magic Wand? Find out the stories of why Witches ride brooms. A brief history of the tools people have used for stimulation followed by a modern adult toy 101, complete with anonymous Q&A.

Saber Tompson has been studying sex and pleasure for over a decade, with the last 4 years focused specifically on the adult toy industry as a sexual educator and toy consultant. Her current claim to fame is that she has tested, in hand, a wider variety of toys than anyone in the United States. 18+ highly recommended due to adult topics and language.

Baron Voltage

Baron Voltage

Baron Voltage is a New Jersey Hypnotist that has taught on the east coast pure hypno sadism and shows how much he’s earned his membership into the league of ethical evil hypnotists.

What a Shock – ElectroHypnosis Play

Ever wanted to use electricity with your subject but don’t have any of the equipment? Then come to this class to learn from someone that has experienced every known source to mankind. From simulated tens to the electric chair to even a pure lightning bolt.

The Stuff of Nightmares – Hypnotic Edging of Pure Fear

TRIGGER WARNING, this is NOT for the faint of heart! This advanced hypnoclass is meant to take the fears and phobias of your subject and crank them up to 11. Unleash the pure inner sadistic side with the tools presented to go from just a sadistic dom to being downright DEMONIC.

Kevin Meares

Kevin Meares

Kevin Meares is an experienced demonologist and paranormal investigator, and is the former host of the Lou Gentile Show and host of Paranormal Encyclopedia.

Kevin Meares has been interested in folklore, theology and the paranormal for his entire life. He started working with the late Lou Gentile in 1998 a friendship that continued to Lou’s demise. During that time he also co hosted The Lou Gentile show sometimes being affectionatly reffered to as the resident skeptic or the walking encyclopedia. While he considers hismelf foremost a demonologist and a ghost hunter Kevin’s interests also encompass theology, world religions, folklore and mythology, anthropology, history and criminology.

Kevin maintains a regular column on as well as continuing to lecture on paranormal subjects. He continues to conduct investigations and to give advice to groups who do not directly specialize in demonic phenomenon.

Paranormal Encyclopedia Live

Come to a live taping for the YouTube side of the Paranormal Encyclopedia radio show. Hosts Kevin Meares and Brian McKinley will be having an open mike discussion of paranormal topics and taking questions from the audience.

Talking to the Dead

Communicating with the spirit world has been a popular human past time since before recorded history. Join us as we attempt to use electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and the relatively new technology of the ghost box (based on the original designs of Thomas Edison) to see if we can speak to spirits. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

Mentalism and Magic

A combination of traditional stage magic and the techniques of mentalism (mind reading and the like). The show will have a paranormal bent but will remain fun for a range of participants.


Kink Track at Wicked

Kink Track at Wicked

“Kink is like an excellent cup of hot tea, in the it’s quite wonderful and you should have more of it.”

~ Jeff Mach

Wicked Faire’s famous Kink Track returns with workshops, demonstrations, and deliciously deviant education!  (This area will contain full and partial nudity, and is 18+).

Here is a list of the various flavors of kinky content tracks you’ll see at this year’s Wicked Faire:

Kink 101

“Kinky is when you use a feather. Really kinky is when you use the whole duck. However, there is a certain amount of knowledge in recognizing that you could simply eat the duck and buy a flogger, instead.”~ Malaclypse the Younger

The Wicked Faire is not a kink event, per se, but it’s a home for all manner of kinky people. Kink is often an undercurrent at many Renaissance faires; at the Wicked Faire, we take pride in who and what we are, and we’re glad to teach it to experts and newbies alike!  If you want a safe, welcoming place to explore your kinky side, might we suggest you join us for this beginners’ track?

Advanced Kink

“I don’t know what advanced kink is, but I rebuilt my castle so that it had a second dungeon. Does that count?”~ Bowser, Evil Boss, Super Mario Brother Brothers

The Wicked Faire gets all manner of kinky attendees from “never done before it but totally curious” to “this has been my life for 30 years.” Our Advanced Kink track includes classes for experts and experienced people who’d love to take things to the next level.


“Bind the body, and you bind the mind.” ~ Sun Tzu

Rope is one of the most versatile tools in any kinkster’s repertoire – it is a not just a method of bondage, but also an extension of will and an exploration of the sense of touch. Really, there’s nothing like the feel of rope on the body to take you to new places in your mind and life, whether you be the tie-er or the tie-ee. Let us share our rope with you!

Impact Play

“You wouldn’t recognize a good thing if it was spanking your ass.”~ Kresley Cole, Kiss of a Demon King

Floggers, whips, and paddles, oh my! Impact play is a strikingly fun and sensual adventure. Come learn about how to do the right kind of impact with your partner to raise their endorphins, get the blood flowing, and wake your kink up! Or, you know, just leave a good impression.


“I like living on the ragged edge of danger.” ~ Al Capone

What, exactly, is edgeplay? Technically speaking, it is play that pushes the safety boundaries of traditional kink. We prefer to think of it as that fine line between night and day, waking and dreaming, life and death. Explore the darkest, more dangerous areas of your kinky play with us.


“The erotic state – again, a mixture of concentration and spontaneity – is a hypnoidal state, probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing, and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed, as the majority of people know from experience.” ~ Peter Redgrove

Just as many of us enjoy playing with our partner’s body, many also enjoy playing with their mind. Hypnosis, the act of altering mental consciousness, can be intensely intimate in ways you may never have experienced before. Does the dark unknown of hypnosis call to you? Come to us to experience and learn.


Return of Greggo’s Game Shows!

Return of Greggo’s Game Shows!

Greggo’s Game Shows has been producing fun interactive entertainment for conventions worldwide for almost twenty years!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Celebrity Jeopardy!

Join three special celebrity guests as they attempt to avoid last place in an homage to one of Saturday Night Live’s most famous skits. Audience members choose their favorite celebrity, and if they “win” the attendee gets a door prize!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Play Your Cards Right

It’s a new Greggo’s game show, based on predictions! We’ve asked 100 fans a series of survey questions prior to the show, and it’s up for you and your partner to correctly predict what those 100 people said! If you’re right, and then you Play Your Cards Right, you’ll have the chance to win lots of lovely loot!

Greggo Presents: Celebrity Match Game

Get ready to match the stars! Six of our guests try to come up with silly answers to hilarious fill-in-the-blank questions. Contestants have to try to match them, and the contestant who does it the most often wins the game and goes on to the Super Match for nice prizes!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Shut the TARDIS!!

The Time Streams are collapsing, and every Doctor is summoned to avert a disaster that will rip the very fabric of the universe! Harnessing the power of three Shakri Cubes, you can help the Doctor restore order, but beware…the Daleks have received intel about the plan and will try to thwart your efforts in an attempt for universal EXTERMINATION!