Geeks Bearing Gifts

GEEKS BEARING GIFTS, is a shop specializing in inspirational, thought provoking and humorous artwork and jewelry for geeks and those who love them. We take the wisdom of the past, combine it with eye-catching typography and illustration and present it on fine art quality materials that you will be proud to wear or hang in your home, office, lab or classroom.

Dragons Nest Designs

Dragons Nest Designs is for those who seek fun and extraordinary gifts. We specialize in handcrafted Gothic, Medieval, New Age, Steampunk, Fantasy Jewelry and Renaissance products and accessories. Our jewels bring you positive energy and transport you to faraway lands and legends.


Pyaara offers a wide range of handcrafted accessories (including custom commissions) to complete any fantasy costume, including feather hat pins, flower clips and hair sticks, leaf and flower crowns, horned headdresses, cameo fascinators, fairy falls (multi-colored yarn hair), and gorgeous organza tutus.


FotoPlex are your premiere green-screen portrait specialists! We come well prepared with backdrops from the 1800s to 1900s as well as WICKED, Horror, Steampunk and Fantasy backdrops. You work hard on your couture and accessories. You deserve to showcase them properly. Let FotoPlex take your picture in another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for you. Obtain art-quality printing in mere minutes and enjoy your portraits for years to come! Use our props or your own!