Mad Dash Studio

We offer a dramatically eclectic blend of vintage and original pieces. Featuring antique housewares and lab equipment, original sculpture, vintage and/or handmade accessories, novelties, oddities, curios, jewelry, fandom goodies, statuary, books, and more.

Solstice Born Pottery

Dragon Teapot - hand-thrown by Solstice born PotteryFor over 30 years, I have produced 11th century, reverse carved stone ware pottery and functional art pottery. Everything I do is one of a kind. I give demonstrations of my craft as well as give entertainment. No molds, no casts, no mass production. I make pottery like none other available anywhere. Also available are products of art such as paintings, pendants, and posters. I’m am dedicated to only doing Just Magical Events exclusively.


Hibernacula: The esoteric boutique! Gifts to delight the heart and ignite the imagination. A traveling museum of treasures, talismans, and timeless artifacts, celebrating the scientific, the sacred, and the sublime.