Solstice Brews and Andrea Davenport Designs

Solstice Brews

Solstice Brews aspires to introduce you to innovative blends that you can’t pull off a grocery store shelf. From Scurvy Shanty tea, designed for all those wayfaring voyages at sea to Absinthe Aethers, the perfect cup for a Steampunk gathering, Solstice Brews has got an adventure in store for you. Keep a lookout for the Hobbit Hearthwarmer tea, a brew which has many patrons heading straight for the booth to nab this tea while they can!

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in pre-ordering tea for purchase at Wicked Faire! Make sure you get your bag of Hobbit Hearthwarmer or Butterbeer Brew and avoid them selling out:

Etsy: Solstice Brews

Katherine McIntyre

Author and owner of Solstice Brews

Katherine McIntyre writes novels with snarky women, ragtag crews, and guys with bad attitudes. High chances for a passionate speech thrown into the mix. Look for her books sold in conjunction with the teas!

Her book Hunting for Spring is the first in a local series featuring fae, mischief, and mayhem!

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in pre-ordering paperbacks for purchase at Wicked Faire! If you like snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes, these books are for you! As a bonus, get them signed by the author at the stand!


Andrea Davenport Designs

Andrea Davenport Designs combines a fine-tuned industrial sensibility with a heart of organic and vintage elements to produce delicate handcrafted jewelry with a subtle edge.

On top of that, Drea’s sea salt caramels are well known at every event, and they sell out fast!

Etsy: DreaDavenport


Delightful Hydra Designs

From purple painted skin to a scar to glitter and rhinestones that will pull your your character look together or put it over the top. That is all within the scope of what Delightful Hydra Designs can do for you with makeup and body paint.