Geeks Bearing Gifts

GEEKS BEARING GIFTS, is a shop specializing in inspirational, thought provoking and humorous artwork and jewelry for geeks and those who love them. We take the wisdom of the past, combine it with eye-catching typography and illustration and present it on fine art quality materials that you will be proud to wear or hang in your home, office, lab or classroom.

Solstice Born Pottery

Dragon Teapot - hand-thrown by Solstice born PotteryFor over 30 years, I have produced 11th century, reverse carved stone ware pottery and functional art pottery. Everything I do is one of a kind. I give demonstrations of my craft as well as give entertainment. No molds, no casts, no mass production. I make pottery like none other available anywhere. Also available are products of art such as paintings, pendants, and posters. I’m am dedicated to only doing Just Magical Events exclusively.