There is never a shortage of unique and unforgettable events and activities to enjoy at the Wicked Faire!  Keep checking this page – there will be many updates coming as we finalize and share with you the final line-up!

Mead Tasting

Mead is one of the great joys of any Renaissance Faire, and, indeed, life itself.  It’s a miraculous honey-wine, beloved by the Norse, and featured prominently in “American Gods”. Come learn the fascinating history and tales of Mead, along with a sophisticated understanding of how to appreciate, enjoy, and discuss mead, at our famed Mead Tastings!

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The River of Tea

The River of Tea is a weekend-long respite from all the cares of the world.  It’s nothing complicated; come into the Tea Room and enjoy some simple tea in the company of friends old, new, and about-to-be-met.  Let us offer you the refreshment and joys of that most wondrous of beverages, tea!

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