The Wicked Faire is a place to come and be yourself – or maybe even someone else.  So, who are you?  Who do you want to be?  Choose a Tribe and find out.

Do you prefer the soft glow of the moonlight on the trees to the harsh daylight?  Do you stick to the shadows and cloak yourself in mystery?  Then perhaps you will find a home with the Grimdark.

Or maybe you are lured by the sounds of chivalrous combat, piracy on the high seas, lithe ninjas on the rooftops, or tradition-steeped samurai.  If so, then you might find comrades in Trueforge.

Perhaps the petty dealings of mortals are beneath you – unless they might provide amusement or profit for you, that is.  Made of lore and magic, the Glimmersprite is home to Fae, spirits, and similar ilk.

If you feel more at home jumping through time and space, solving life’s mysteries, and maybe even a good brain-scratching puzzle over morning tea, then the Wibblycog might be the place for you.

The Wicked Faire Tribes are factions of a sort that will offer endless opportunity to meet others who share your interests, participate in games, puzzles, activities, and other such shenanigans both during the Faire itself and in the time leading up to the Fair.