From the crazy people who bring you faires of endless delight…

Febrruary 15-17, 2013: Wicked Faire VIII,  ”The Revenge Of The Renaissance Faire”, in TWO hotels – now with our unique, interactive Time Traveler’s Resort & Museum – a delight for Steampunks AND for every Rennie, Geek, Goth, Pagan, or otherwise unique individual!

Event updates are below – we do update fairly often!   And you can find us on Facebook, if you’d like.

Hey, The Tesla Museum needs help, and we’re doing a massive geek event in support of it!  Check out our Tesla Science Center benefit at!

Please note that ticket prices go up $10 per ticket as of February 1st; also, any tickets purchased after February 1st, even VIP tickets, need to be picked up at the door, to allow enough time for tickets to reach you!


Update, September 22nd:  Tickets are now available – just go to the “Ticket” page to get them.  For a limited time only, all tickets come with TWO $5 gift certificates!

Also - We Wicked Faire folk would like to thank you for the support we’ve received, both from Rennies and others who are looking to come back to our Faire after a long hiatus, and the many new folks from all ’round who are checking us out and saying hello!   We do most cordially invite you to follow us on the Book of Faces via the Wicked Faire group and the Time Traveler’s Resort page.

Did you come to us via The Steampunk World’s Fair, the world’s largest Steampunk event?  If you did, congratulations – if you enjoyed World’s Fair, you’ll love Wicked Faire.  Wicked is a unique event, more diverse than World’s Fair or, for that matter, any other show we know — but has the same core as our other events:  A goal of trying to give you the most unforgettably fun weekend of your life!

Are you geeky, kinky, and over the age of 19?  Wicked Faire is NOT a kink event, but we do RUN one:!   If this description might apply to you, you should definitely check out GKE – you might just love it!


Jeff Mach’s Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire VIII: “The Revenge Of The Renaissance Faire” will take place at the Hotel Somerset-Bridgewater AND The Doubletree of Somerset, New Jersey.  It will be on the weekend of February 15-17th, 2013.  Every strange, marvelous, unique person is invited to come be a part of it.  Join us!  Join us!

Reserve your room at the Hotel Somerset-Bridgewater before it fills up!  Rooms are $99/night, including breakfast.  Just give them a call at 732-560-0500.