The Wicked Faire Tribes

You know what I love about Wicked Faire? Meeting like minded people for fun and games! And you know what I like about meeting like minded people for fun and games? Knowing that my tribe is having more fun than all the other tribes!

The Wicked Faire Tribes are groups of like-minded adventurers, factions of a sort, available for you to join!  In the lead up to the Faire and at the Faire itself we will be setting challenges, games, glamour bombing competitions and encouraging all sorts of dark, tricksy, buccaneering, wibbly fun.

To start, find the Facebook group for the Tribe that most appeals to you and join up!  Which Tribes are there, you ask?  Well…


Grimdark are all things mysterious and dark. Vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the Deep Old Ones are just some of the denizens of this Tribe.

Join this Tribe: Grimdark: Things that Go Bump In the Night


Trueforge is all things medieval and Renaissance. All the best parts of history of pirates, ninja, samauri, and more. A wizard or two might wander in here as well. If you enjoy chivalry, living by the code, and the old ways, this is your Tribe.

Join this Tribe: Trueforge: Alliance of Knights, Pirates, and Ninja


Glimmersprite is all things nature, mystery, and trickery. The Fae, the elves, and the spirits are at home in this Tribe.

Join this Tribe: Glimmersprite: Fairie Magic and Tricksterfolk


Wibblycog is for time travelers, explorers, adventurers, scientists, and lovers of puzzles and logic.

Join this Tribe: Wibblycog: Travelers of Time and Space