The Wicked Faire is a gathering-place of all manner of people. Want to find some of your tribe? Find a meetup – or start one!

Whovians, knitters, Game Of Thrones costume groups, video gamers, scifi fans, People Who’ve Been To Wicked Faire Every Year Since The Beginning, Steampunks, Stranger Things fanatics, anyone who’d like an official place to Gather with like-minded individuals at the show and celebrate their shared fandom, we’d like to host them down the Ivy Way.

Want to run one? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and pitch your idea!


As meet-ups are confirmed and scheduled, we’ll be posting them here, so check back often!  Don’t see a meet-up that catches your eye?  Host one!

No meet-ups have been finalized yet, but check back soon!

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