About the Wicked Faire

If you’re new to Wicked Faire, you may be asking the question: What the hell is this?

An Introduction

It starts, as so many things do, with a Renaissance Faire. (Not exactly in the time of the Renaissance, but who’s counting?)

It begins as a Faire does: by transporting us to another time and place, where the rules are different and the world is changed.

But this is no ordinary Renaissance Faire — if there is such a thing to begin with.

Unlike most faires, which try to attract as many people as possible, we’re only here for the mad people — the kind of people whose creativity and character help make worlds like this live.

This Faire is unbounded. It incorporates and welcomes those from all manner of points in space and time — Klingons and cavemen, werewolves and Steampunks, magicians and time travelers… and, of course, Faire folk of all sorts.

There’s more. Our event is also 16+, and there are areas of our event which are adult in nature —- though that’s only one aspect of the event. This also means the faire need not avoid adult subjects in art, games or entertainment – though it need not be those things exclusively.

We are a grand experiment, built by dreamers who love faires, magic, and imagination, and made for dreamers who love all of those things.

The Details

The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire was a 3-day long indoor Renaissance Faire (the first of its kind!), organized by Just Magical Events, and held each February from 2006 to 2016 – and reborn in 2018!

Central to our identity, and crucial to our evolution, is the notion of an unbounded Renaissance Faire. If you can open the door to a particular world – why stop there? Leave the portal open for airship pirates, Time Lords, Wonderland, and Mr. Wednesday. The possibilities are truly endless. To put it simply, Wicked Faire was created for anyone who has that Puckish kind of Wanderlust. Some say that we are a window and an opening.

We are a celebration of those weird and wonderful things that are often neglected or hidden from our day to day. We express this through a plethora of music, dancing, and performance. Sometimes these are loosely connected by a theme, but more often we partner with artists who are dreamers, just like us. And because we are a convention, we also structure panels, meetups, and other opportunities to geek out.

Over time, our festival has fostered a strong community – bringing like-minded people together to amplify our magical atmosphere. Relationships are sparked, connections are strengthened – folks will testify to our culture of welcomeness. Dress up to the 9’s, or don’t. Since we are not united around any specific fandom or theme, most come with an open mind and leave having learned something new. Vendors, performers, fellow attendees, and staff are looking forward to meeting you, and learning from you. As one attendee explained, “Wicked Faire was the first place I felt like myself.”

We are also highly accepting – we are kinky-friendly, poly-friendly, LGBTQ friendly – just about everything friendly! We strive to create a diverse and welcoming atmosphere not just for ourselves, but also to be a role model for others.

We’re also a crowd. Our wide variety of entertainment also includes an adult / kink programming tract, because this represents another part of the human psyche that we may not always have the space to explore. In our humble opinion, sometimes being bound is the best kind of unbounded.

The gates are open – join us!