Professor JP McClendon – Reading & Short Films

Professor McClendon is an award-nominated internet author, storyteller, gamer, and overall entertainer. He can be seen at various conventions and events on his own, telling stories with the Munchausen Society to raise money for a charitable cause, or to bring laughs and shenanigans with the Overly Dramatic Readers.


The timeless cult classic “Labyrinth” starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly was also made into a book. Now come and listen to a reading of a few of the more well-known scenes from the movie as they are described in the official movie novelization.


This animated TV movie from the early 80’s is about a peaceful family of Gnomes on the eve of a big family wedding having to deal with the dangerous and troubling interference of their mortal enemies, the Trolls.


This animated TV movie from the early 80’s is about a young Human who has been asked by the King of the Faeries to go on a brave quest to retrieve his shadow before the world is enveloped in darkness forever.



Animated Short Films

The Wicked Faire is overjoyed to bring you its collection of short films to delight, amaze, shock, please, and amuse you! Come see our assortment of micro-cinema, by a whole host of brilliant filmmakers.  This is a special, surprise block, so the only way you get to know the entire line-up is by joining us!

“I think that short films often contain an originality, a creative freedom, an energy and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining. I think they are, as Shakespeare put it, a good deed in a naughty world.”

~ Kenneth Branagh

Professor Mark P. Donnelly

Professor Mark P. Donnelly is joining us this year for several panels and workshops, and his widely popular booth Canes Enable will also be in attendance.  He is a multi-award winning author, historian, screenwriter, and television producer as well as internationally renowned duelist, swashbuckler, and constant gentleman.

donnellyCurrently, he has nearly 30 books in print – all of which are non-fiction – and all of which are on historical subjects. In addition to his work in print, Mark P. Donnelly has scripted and/or produced nearly 200 hours of broadcast television for Discovery, History Channel, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, Biography, A&E, etc.

He holds the title of Professore di Armes in numerous forms of historical combat and western martial arts. He has taught workshops and seminars around the world and is honored to have been frequently counted among the top instructors in Europe. After nearly 14 years in England he returned to the colonies and currently resides in Pennsylvania.

When not otherwise scheduled, he can likely be found at his Canes Enable booth or doing book signings. While he is aware that knowledge is power, he has been known to share anything he knows if asked nicely (and bribed with a decent port or brandy).

An article which appeared in an issue of The Village Voice in New York City stated: “Professor Donnelly [is] an articulate, polite and thoroughly charming gentleman firmly in possession of a subtle but sure confidence that comes with the ability to kick ass at will.”