For over Twenty Years, Daniel GreenWolf has combined Celtic Mythology & History with an Irreverent Irish Wit and Highly Visual, Mind-Boggling Magic to create a truly unique theatrical experience that has been described as a “World-Class Main Stage Performance”!

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Daniel GreenWolf: Celtic Magician

Experience Grand Illusions and Dangerous Theatrical Daredevilry combined with Irish Mythology & History wrapped up with a High-Energy, Irreverent Irish Wit to create a show you will see from no one else.

Getting Intimate With Daniel GreenWolf

Truly Interactive and viciously mind-boggling, this show will involve every member of the audience and have Magic happening only inches from their eyes. Silly, strange, and a little dangerous- Daniel GreenWolf will get intimate with you… wait… that sounds wrong- Get ready to see Daniel GreenWolf up-close & personal… wait… that’s still not right- just come see a Great Show.

Magic, Comedy, & Possible Doomity Death!

Daniel GreenWolf has performed this show at Renaissance Faires all over the country for over 18 years! Experience this Mad Irishman bounce around, creating Magic, and attempting to risk life & limb for your petty entertainment!