The Living Fae. All the societies of humans kind have tales of Sidhe, from all the cultures of the world. Where would they gather? How would they hold convocations? How might they just see each other without hiding in the forests or deeplands of Mother Earth? The Humans that believe, would cage them or worship them in most unseemly ways. Those that do not believe would hunt them or go mad from the truth. So how can they come together without disrupting the very fabric of reality?

The Humans call them, Conventions.

Celebrations of gaming, costumes and entertainment that bring those that believe, yet deny. They are the mundane that embrace the magical. A place where the Fae can walk in fully regalia…and get a hallway award for a fabulous costume that is just what they really look like.

This is the Third run of the LARP – Lexicons of Dueling: The Sidhe Court!

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The 1st Convocation. Wicked Faire 2016
The Fae gathered and greeted. They wandered among the mortals and reveled in the majesty and magic. They found joy and laughter. So much so the Darkness took note and hunted them. The Light took notice also, to observe. The Winter and Summer Courts battled well. Summer was victor. Thus the year of warmth.

The 2nd Convocation. GlimmerDark 2017
The Fae came and found each other again. The courts grew and prospered. The Light an emissary to watch for the coming Dark. Darkness came to staunch the powers of creation, and failed. But only barely by wit and wonder of the Court, the King and Queen where saved from banishment. And amidst this all, the power of the courts did grow and such it was that the Autumn and Spring Courts have young Nobles. Spring did well in support of the coming season. Thus the season of spring snows and blizzard showers.

This Convocation holds new challenges. The Darkness was felled in direct conflict, so it burrows into Gaia itself. The needs flow to and from different sources. While the balance is set, how shall we find the heart of the Earth herself? Only the Courts and those that attend can solve these puzzles…