The Zydrate Enthusiasts Network

ZEN Productions is a theatrical production company based in Long Island, NY that produces shadowcasts of REPO! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Zydrate Enthusiasts Network, ZEN Productions’ troupe of REPO! The Genetic Opera, has been performing since April, 2009 and is the only active REPO! cast in the tri-state area. In addition to their regular schedule of shows on Long Island, ZEN has performed at a number of conventions including I-CON, Lunacon, Dark Side of the Con, LI Geek, Heliosphere, the Alternative Living Expo and of course, Wicked Faire. ZEN is excited to be bringing to you a fan meetup, a retrospective panel, and the 10th Anniversary All-Star shadowcast of everyone’s favorite Goth Opera!

REPO! the Genetic Opera 10th Anniversary Meetup, Retrospective Panel, and All-Star Shadowcast

Wicked Faire and REPO! have quite a history together. The first full American shadowcast of REPO! took place at Wicked Faire in early 2009, not even 6 months after the film was released. Starting with that first year, Wicked became a de facto meet up for REPO! fans from all over the country and even internationally. ZEN remembers those days fondly, so we thought due to the 10th Anniversary of REPO!’s release and the return of Wicked happily coinciding, it deserves an extra special celebration.

We’ll be presenting a 10-Year-Retrospective Panel about REPO’s origins, development, and the community that grew up around it. Later on, we’ll host a fan meetup like we used to have in the early days of REPO! Lastly, we’ll present an All-Star Shadowcast with actors from casts past and present changing roles with every scene. Testify!